The Natural Voice #1
Published: 12 July 2016
Lead authors: Nina Masson
Size: 5.55 MB
Number of pages: 48
Keywords: natural refrigerants
The Natural Voice Magazine targets international policymakers and other parties involved in negotiations on the future shape of a global HFC phase-down. By providing examples of successful market and technology trends, the magazine seeks to demonstrate that natural refrigerants are energy-efficient and safe solutions for a future without fluorinated refrigerants. 
The first edition of The Natural Voice Magazine, entitled 'Demystifying Natural Refrigerants' outlines the use of natural refrigerants across the food cold chain, highlighting inspiring natural refrigerant applications in Brazil as well as solutions for other warmer ambient temperature regions. The Coca-Cola Company and Carrefour’s experiences of using natural refrigerant technologies and their plans for the future are also featured. Another story looks at an innovative project in Vietnam that paves the way for wider adoption of small hydrocarbon refrigeration systems in the fishery and cold storage sectors worldwide.

Nina Masson view profile

Chief Market Development Officer / Publisher / Lead Author

Nina holds two Masters’ degrees in Business Management and in Environmental Management. After serving in a communications role for global energy supplier Norsk Hydro, she has, for the last 10 years, been working in the field of environmental technologies, where she has developed special expertise on natural refrigerants. Today, she is mostly active in business development for market intelligence and consultancy services, as well as special projects and publications. She has been drafting and supervising global studies on behalf of United Nations agencies, including UNEP and UNIDO, as well as served as project coordinator for various EU projects. Nina is Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Klára Skačanová view profile

Deputy Manager, Market Development

Klara holds a Masters' degree in International Relations from the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia and has a background in European studies and international economic relations. Before joining shecco, she worked at the European Commission and a small business association. At her current position, Klara coordinates team activities in shecco's Business Development department, including for market research, public affairs and international project services. She is an expert on following legislative developments with an impact on the heating and cooling industry at national, European and international level, and informs decision-makers about the latest trends in the field of natural refrigerants.

Andrew Williams view profile

European Editor

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