05 October, 2016

With a crucial Montreal Protocol meeting in Kigali just a few days away, shecco is proud to launch the second edition of The Natural Voice magazine. The publication comes with the world on the brink of closing a deal to cut down HFCs – creating new opportunities for natural refrigerants worldwide.

12 July, 2016

Ahead of Montreal Protocol meetings this month which will see 197 countries discuss a pathway towards a global HFC phase-down, shecco is proud to launch the first edition of its new Natural Voice Magazine, entitled ‘Demystifying Natural Refrigerants’.

29 June, 2016

shecco is proud to announce the publication of its latest regional report, which looks at current and future use of natural refrigerants in Japan. The ‘GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in Japan – State of the Industry 2016’ analyses key market, technology and policy trends for natural refrigerants, focusing on key sectors like commercial and industrial refrigeration.

15 October, 2015

As part of its premium GUIDE+ series of in-depth market intelligence publications, market accelerator shecco has published its first-ever Business Directory on China’s Natural Refrigerant industry that is now available for purchase.

17 September, 2015

shecco is proud to announce the publication of its newest regional-focused GUIDE and its second to focus on North America. The new publication provides a comprehensive introduction and understanding of the major market, policy and technological trends that are shaping the future of the increasingly dynamic North American market, as well as showcasing key areas of development in the last two years.

15 September, 2015

Food Lion, one of the largest U.S. retailers, discusses the strategy behind its decision to test a radically different refrigeration system that employs only carbon dioxide as its refrigerant in the September issue of Accelerate America, which was published online this week.

19 August, 2015

Can Japan lead the world in climate-friendly cooling and heating?

03 August, 2015

Monthly magazine from shecco looks at how leading organisations use carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, ammonia and other climate-friendly natural refrigerants in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heating systems

22 July, 2015

ATMOsphere America – The Business Case for Natural Refrigerants returned to the United States for the fourth time on 25&26 June 2015, and made its way south to premier in Atlanta, Georgia. A summary report of the event highlights major trends and developments in natural refrigerant-based technology throughout the North American HVAC&R industry presented at ATMOsphere America 2015.

11 June, 2015

With a special focus on utility incentives, issue 6 of shecco’s Accelerate America magazine shows how utilities, end users and third parties are working together to enable utilities to provide financial rebates to facilities with energy-efficient refrigeration systems. Southern California Edison (SCE) has invested in Technology Testing Centres to vet the energy efficiency of refrigeration and HVAC systems. Also engaged in energy-incentive projects are the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Whole Foods and Hillphoenix. Alongside these stories, readers can learn about Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets’ unique CO2 transcritical refrigeration system, Newark Refrigerated Warehouse’s innovative refrigeration systems, the California Air Resource Board’s HFC-reduction plans, the IARW Conference, China Refrigeration 2015 – and more!

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