ATMOsphere America 2014 Summary Report available to download for free!

01 July 2014

shecco is pleased to announce that the comprehensive ATMOsphere America 2014 Summary Report has been published and is available for download for free on the shecco publications website. The report highlights the main discussions and findings of the conference, focusing on the latest technology innovations, regulatory issues and market trends in the field of natural refrigerants in North America.
For the third consecutive year, ATMOsphere America 2014 gathered HVAC&R industry experts with the aim of supporting the adoption of natural refrigerant technology across North America. Held for the first time in San Francisco from June 18-19, the conference attracted more participants than ever before and heard from over 60 speakers.
The event provided a unique platform to exchange information and best-practice in natural refrigerant-based technology through a combination of presentations, case studies, and ample networking opportunities. The ATMOsphere America 2014 Summary Report provides an overview of the presentations, including from policy makers, energy providers and academics, who discussed the national and international legislative measures that could create opportunities for natural refrigerants, as well as from end users and manufacturers, who presented case studies demonstrating the energy efficiencies of CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, and water as refrigerants in commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and heating applications.

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