shecco launches Natural Refrigerant GUIDE dedicated to the North American Market

19 March 2013

Market development company shecco has launched the latest edition of its series of freely downloadable GUIDEs, the “GUIDE 2013: Natural Refrigerants – Market Growth for North America”. Analysing the very latest market trends and data for North America regarding the uptake of the natural working fluids CO2, ammonia, the group of hydrocarbons, water and air the publication gathers input from over 550 HVAC&R industry experts.
Special features the North American GUIDE include the first ever CO2 supermarket maps for Canada and the US, that quantify the number of CO2 secondary, cascade, and transcritical installations, as well results from a 2012 of survey North American HVAC&R industry experts.
Marc Chasserot, Publisher and Managing Director of shecco, explains:
"The market potential for natural refrigerants in North America is rising fast, especially as the business case becomes clearer for more and more companies…Today we publish an 'industry first' GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants – Market Growth for North America. We have been collecting data from hundreds of experts over the last year. We have analyzed trends, identified technology case studies, presented survey results to measure market outlook and much more.”
Why North America?
In light of the recent policy developments that have removed some of the barriers hindering the more widespread use of natural refrigerants (NR) in North America, the third in shecco’s GUIDE series, looks at one of the most promising world regions for NR market development.
“Today shecco is excited to launch its next free market intelligence report. The GUIDE on the market potential for natural refrigerants in North America is the result of intensive work with experts from the HVAC&R industry, legislators and academics. North America presents a clear opportunity for natural refrigerant solution providers, but still remains a market of largely untapped potential. As business choices have become harder, this GUIDE puts forward evidence that natural refrigerants are viable options for a growing share of applications, but also draws attention to the challenges lying ahead,” says Nina Masson, shecco Head of Market Research.
The “GUIDE 2013: Natural Refrigerants – Market Growth for North America” follows the launch of the widely quoted “GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants – Market Growth for Europe”, and the “Examples of NH3/CO2 secondary systems for cold store operators”. 
Freely available

The report can be viewed online, downloaded as a whole publication or only as the individual case studies. Moreover, all images are provided as a separate download to enable readers to directly input graphics into presentations, helping to further disseminate the message that natural refrigerants are viable alternatives to fluorinated working fluids in many applications. 
Inside the GUIDE
Highlights of the latest GUIDE include:
  • Natural Refrigerant Ecosystems: shecco’s unique Ecosystem diagrams provide readers with and easy-to-understand, visual representation of NR end-uses in North America today, in addition to a summary of promising NR technologies developed in other World regions. To further illustrate these end-uses concrete examples of various applications are provided throughout the accompanying text. 
  • Light commercial refrigeration and CO2 supermarket maps: A series of one-of-a-kind maps reveal over 4000 HC and CO2 light commercial installations and in Canada, Mexico and the USA, and pinpoint over 120 CO2 secondary, cascade, and transcritical commercial installations by State in the US and by Province in Canada, providing a clear indication of the market’s accelerating growth.
  • End-User Views & Case Studies: A key feature in the GUIDE are end user views on the future prospects of NR technology and best practice examples of where are NRs are used in North America today.
  • HVAC&R industry expert opinions: Results from a shecco survey that ran from March to November 2012 are presented, revealing market trends for the natural refrigerants ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, water, and air. 559 respondents disclose which NRs are already in use today and in which NR they plan to invest in the future. Respondents gauge the strengths and weaknesses of NR technologies, assess the levels of awareness about NR and provide market forecasts until 2020.
Nina Masson
Head of Market Research shecco 
Marc Chasserot
Managing Director shecco