shecco Market Development

With 15 years of experience in the HVAC&R sector, shecco's Market Development team provides tailor-made market and policy analysis around sustainable refrigerants and technologies to its partners worldwide. Experts with backgrounds in economics, international relations, environmental management and law provide research and consulting services to corporations looking to better understand trends to affect their business case, expand their presence in new geographic markets, find partners and prospects, and capture new business opportunities. 

shecco's Market Development team is the publisher of the series of GUIDE reports about the market potential of natural refrigerants in key geographic areas or application sectors, as well as the GUIDE+ series providing in-depth analysis of policy and business trends.

Data and networks used by shecco's MD team are taken from "sheccoBase" - a global database with constantly growing data points in the HVAC&R sector, the end-use industries, policy sphere and research community.

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THE reference tool for those looking for guidance on how to select the right training providers, knowledge sources and partners to build their business case around a safe, efficient and ...
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China is a land of opportunity for natural refrigerants as sweeping policy reforms clear the path for natural refrigerants to claim a stake in all major sectors. The GUIDE+ Directory of ...
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