ATMOsphere Europe 2012 - Summary Report of International Workshop

Published: 12 November 2012
Lead authors: Marc Chasserot,  Franziska Menten
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Number of pages: 26
The International Workshop on Natural Refrigerants was held on 5-7 November 2012 in Brussels. The ATMOsphere Europe 2012 report provides a comprehensive summary of the presentations and discussions featured at the conference.

The International Workshop on Natural Refrigerants was held on 5-7 November 2012 in Brussels. This year’s theme was « Solutions for Europe » to discuss the competitiveness of available natural refrigerant technology, and explore how to best address pending barriers for their faster market uptake. 200 decision makers from 100 organisations represented all major stakeholder groups from the component and systems supply chain, to engineering and consultancy firms, commercial and industrial end-users, research and academica, as well as policy makers. A total of 50 speakers in 9 sessions were part of the ATMOsphere programme.

Market Trends
Policy & Regulations
End Users: Consumer Brands
End Users: Food Retail
Technology Case Studies
More Information

Marc Chasserot view profile

CEO / Publisher

Marc Chasserot is a specialist in natural refrigerants with over 15 years experience in the HVAC&R sector. In 2006, Marc founded the industry leading website for CO2 cooling and heating experts worldwide, called This was followed by three additional platforms for hydrocarbons, water and ammonia. Since 2007 Marc is co-founder and Managing Director of shecco, an independent market accelerator specialised in bringing Natural Refrigerants 'faster to market', working with numerous companies worldwide. Marc has also chaired and organised several international conferences to discuss 'how to bring natural refrigerants' faster to market, known as 'ATMOsphere'. He is an active member of ASHRAE.

Franziska Menten view profile

Chief Events Officer

Franziska holds a Master's degree in Business and Economics from Humboldt University in Berlin and a degree in Management from Bordeaux Business School. Sustainable management has been the focus of her studies, as well as one of her personal interests. She has over five years of professional experience in the field of environmental issues with a concentration in natural refrigerants. As the Events Manager at shecco, she is responsible for organising international conferences under the brand name ATMOsphere around the world, including in Brussels, Washington D.C., Bangkok and Tokyo. For the organisation of these conferences and workshops, she has also worked closely with UN agencies and the EU institutions as well as hundreds of industry leading and pioneering companies in HVAC&R.

Nina Masson view profile

Chief Market Development Officer / Publisher / Lead Author

Nina holds two Masters’ degrees in Business Management and in Environmental Management. After serving in a communications role for global energy supplier Norsk Hydro, she has, for the last 10 years, been working in the field of environmental technologies, where she has developed special expertise on natural refrigerants. Today, she is mostly active in business development for market intelligence and consultancy services, as well as special projects and publications. She has been drafting and supervising global studies on behalf of United Nations agencies, including UNEP and UNIDO, as well as served as project coordinator for various EU projects. Nina is Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Alexandra Maratou view profile

Lead author

Environmental and energy issues are the drive and focus in what Alexandra Maratou does. After studying Environmental and Resource Economics at University College London, Alexandra was a research assistant at the Electricity Policy Research Group at the University of Cambridge, UK. Following that, she worked as an intern at Cabinet Dimas, Commissioner for the Environment at the European Commission before joining shecco as Deputy Public Affairs Manager.

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