GUIDE North America 2015: shecco's two-year update on natural refrigerant industry is out

17 September 2015

shecco is proud to announce the publication of its newest regional-focused GUIDE and its second to focus on North America. The new publication provides a comprehensive introduction and understanding of the major market, policy and technological trends that are shaping the future of the increasingly dynamic North American market, as well as showcasing key areas of development in the last two years.

Nina Masson, shecco’s Deputy Managing Director and the publication’s lead author highlighted the dynamic shifts taking place in North America:


The North American market continues to be one of the most responsive and encouraging markets for natural refrigerants. Our second publication is all the more pleasing because we can see that in many respects North America is a world leader in the use of natural refrigerants in industrial refrigeration and is pushing boundaries through its continual innovation. Other key sectors are also growing encouragingly under the guidance of more ambitious and focused policy.”


GUIDE North America highlights


The GUIDE features the following:


Market maps detailing location of natural refrigeration equipment in three key sectors: The market has been busy growing in the intervening two years since the previous GUIDE, with growth figures in the triples digits for all major applications. To illustrate this impressive growth, the GUIDE displays market maps for the three key application sectors: light commercial, commercial and industrial refrigeration.


This includes market maps showing the location of 324 installations for “next-generation” industrial refrigeration systems, 409 supermarkets using natural refrigerants in North America and a country-by-country breakdown of over 291,000 light commercial refrigeration equipment using either hydrocarbons or CO2.


In-depth policy sections examining the present and future policies affecting the industry: Policies are driving change in every major market, with supranational, national and state/province level policies all working together to encourage the transition to energy efficient and environmentally friendly natural refrigerants. The GUIDE details all regulatory action that will affect end-users, manufacturers and contractors as well as identifying specific areas of best practice, especially in California and Quebec.


GUIDE North America collects thoughts of the industry: Through the deployment of a GUIDE survey which collected the expectations and views of hundreds of key industry stakeholders, the GUIDE is able to substantiate its claims with the backing of the industry. Additional input is provided from live-polling conducted at ATMOsphere America, held in June 2015, as well as individual contributions which can be found in the ‘Industry Viewpoint’ sections at the end of each chapter.


Available now to download for free


The GUIDE North America is now available to download for free at and


shecco’s other upcoming GUIDEs


The GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in North America – State of the Industry 2015 follows shecco’s previous publication in May 2015, which focused on China. Other upcoming GUIDEs to be published by shecco include: GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in Japan – State of the Industry 2015, and 2016 GUIDEs on Natural Refrigerants Training in North America and in Europe.


About shecco

For the last 15 years market accelerator shecco has been active in helping bring climate friendly technologies faster to market. shecco supports over 100+ partners worldwide in the HVAC&R sector, where the focus is on sustainable refrigeration, heating & cooling technologies using natural refrigerants. shecco offers a variety of services in three areas: 1) media, including online industry platforms, magazines and a catalogue of dedicated research reports; 2) market development, including market research, consultancy and public affairs services, as well as special international projects; and 3) events, including international conferences and national workshops.



Nina Masson

Deputy Managing Director  

Klara Skacanova

Deputy Manager, Market Development


James Ranson

Media Officer


Press Release: GUIDE North America 2015: shecco’s two-year update on natural refrigerant industry is out