New Accelerate America Magazine: for everything you need to know about natural refrigerants in North America

05 September 2014

shecco, the leading publisher of natural refrigerant news worldwide, is launching a new magazine for US and Canadian HVAC&R professionals focusing on North America’s increasing need for natural refrigerant solutions. Written for and by the most progressive business leaders in the industry, Accelerate America will feature exclusive interviews from leading retailers such as Delhaize and Whole Foods, comment and analysis on upcoming regulatory changes and reporting from major US and Mexican HVAC&R events.

To be launched this Fall by market development company shecco, Accelerate America is a unique news source about best practice and innovation.


With more and more retailers investing in CO2 commercial refrigeration systems in North America, and with the proposed changes to regulations likely to support the wider adoption of hydrocarbons, Accelerate will provide key insights to the market potential for natural refrigerants in this rapidly changing market.


Magazine content


With an editorial focus on leadership and cutting-edge natural refrigerant solutions, Accelerate will feature the following:


  • Feature interviews with end users, suppliers, and service technicians
  • Market, technology, and policy trends on CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons and water-based technologies
  • Comment and analysis from leaders in the field
  • Reporting from all major HVAC&R industry events
  • Exclusive info-graphics summarizing market trends
  • Listing of all key HVAC&R events


Free access online and distribution at leading HVAC&R trade fairs and conferences


From the outset, Accelerate America will be distributed online to 8,000 North American-based subscribers, and in-print format. The magazine will be viewable online on shecco’s websites:,,,, and, while print editions will be freely available at major trade shows, such as:


  • AHR Expo 2015: January 26 – 28
  • The NAFEM Show: February 19 – 21
  • IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition: March 22 – 25 NAMA
  • OneShow: April 22 – 24
  • FMI Connect: June 9 – 11
  • ATMOsphere America 2015: June


Advertising Visibility & Benefits


To raise awareness and knowledge about commercially available natural refrigerant solutions among end-users, suppliers, and service technicians in the North American market, the Accelerate America Magazine offers advertising space. If you are interested in raising your brand visibility to a specialised audience as an advertiser contact


About shecco


For more than a decade market development expert shecco has been active in helping bring climate friendly technologies faster to market. shecco supports over 100+ partners worldwide in two areas: theHVAC&R industry, where the focus is on sustainable refrigeration, heating & cooling technologies using natural refrigerants; and the transport sectors where an emphasis is put on electric vehicles. shecco offers a variety of services ranging from publishing, to events and business development services.


Press release: shecco debuts its new monthly magazine on natural refrigerants - Accelerate America!