Special focus on utility incentives in June issue of Accelerate America magazine

11 June 2015

With a special focus on utility incentives, issue 6 of shecco’s Accelerate America magazine shows how utilities, end users and third parties are working together to enable utilities to provide financial rebates to facilities with energy-efficient refrigeration systems. Southern California Edison (SCE) has invested in Technology Testing Centres to vet the energy efficiency of refrigeration and HVAC systems. Also engaged in energy-incentive projects are the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Whole Foods and Hillphoenix. Alongside these stories, readers can learn about Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets’ unique CO2 transcritical refrigeration system, Newark Refrigerated Warehouse’s innovative refrigeration systems, the California Air Resource Board’s HFC-reduction plans, the IARW Conference, China Refrigeration 2015 – and more!

Accelerate America is viewable online at no charge at http://accelerate.shecco.com. In addition, print editions of the magazine will be distributed at key North American trade shows.


Southern California Edison (SCE) sees big potential for natural refrigerants


Paul Delaney, who features on the cover of the June issue of Accelerate America, explains how SCE is supporting the adoption of natural-refrigerant refrigeration and HVAC systems through targeted energy rebates. The utility has become one of the leaders in evaluating the energy efficiency of these systems, both at its Technology Test Centres and in the field. For example, SCE is currently testing low-charge ammonia refrigeration systems at two cold-storage facilities operated by Lineage Logistics.


On the topic of energy-incentive projects, Whole Foods, the iconic natural foods retail chain, talks about their partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, which has earned them a substantial energy incentive for a remodelled store that includes a CO2 cascade system.


Retailer Aldi, working in conjunction with CO2 system supplier Hillphoenix, is close to securing an energy rebate, this time from from NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority), for multiple Aldi locations using transcritical technology.


Also in this issue…


  • Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets unique store/warehouse/commissary in Carol Stream, Illinois employs a CO2 transcritical refrigeration system.
  • Jerry von Dohlen, owner of Newark Refrigerated Warehouse, who helped change the rules regarding ammonia refrigeration in New Jersey, talks about highly innovative refrigeration systems. Keilly Witman, former head of the EPA’s GreenChill program, offers tips for obtaining utility incentives.
  • Ammi Amarnath, senior program manager for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), gives an update on the organisation’s work with natural refrigerants.
  • Roundy’s plans two more CO2 transcritical stores in 2016.
  • The California Air Resources Board prepares for a 2016 strategy on reducing HFC emissions.
  • HFCs discussion runs into a snag at the Montreal Protocol.
  • IARW teaches the cold-storage industry about low-charge ammonia and CO2.
  • The China Refrigeration 2015 conference demonstrated the country’s growing commitment to natural refrigerants.
  • Bitzer expects growth for its CO2 compressors in North America.


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