Whole Foods reveals natural-refrigerants strategy in 2nd Accelerate America issue

18 December 2014

In the December/January edition of shecco’s new monthly magazine Accelerate America, Whole Foods Market provides an in-depth look at its natural-refrigerants strategy, including a tour of its HFC-free store in Brooklyn, N.Y. In addition, the second edition has articles on other end-users of natural refrigerants, including a Metro supermarket in Canada and an ice rink in Quebec, as well as news from the Chillventa trade show in Germany and analysis of the latest Montreal Protocol meeting and the U.S.-China climate announcement.

Written for and about the most progressive business leaders working with climate-friendly natural refrigerants in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Accelerate America is viewable online at no charge at http://accelerate.shecco.com. In addition, print editions of the magazine will be distributed at key North American trade shows.


Whole Foods and Metro trial CO2 transcritical refrigeration


In an exclusive interview Whole Foods sustainability executives, including Kathy Loftus, Mike Ellinger and Tristam Coffin, explain how Whole Foods, the natural and organic foods chain is testing refrigeration systems that use climate-friendly natural refrigerants like carbon dioxide and ammonia rather than synthetic options like hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) that are potent climate warmers. With three transcritical CO2 stores and another that will test ammonia- CO2, Whole Foods is a frontrunner when it comes to trials of natural fluids in the U.S.



In Canada, Metro Plus Marquis has become the latest food retailer to open a store with a transcritical refrigeration system that uses only carbon dioxide as its refrigerant. Owner Jean-Paul Marquis, talks about his decision to switch to CO2 refrigeration.


Latest in CO2 refrigeration from Systemes LMP and Micro Thermo



Key vendors Systemes LMP and Micro Thermo discuss their embrace of natural-refrigerant systems. Xavier Marle explains how Systemes LMP is doing its homework on CO2 refrigeration with a lab dedicated to testing and teaching, whilst Serge Cloutier and Claude Brassard from systems controls manufacturer Mirco Thermo, explain why transcritical CO2 refrigeration is the future for supermarket installations in Canada and the U.S.


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